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    We, at Janyx, are the premier source of providing high quality, stable, extensible, and scalable software solutions to our clients.

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  • What we code.

    Janyx offers three main services - Application Development, Database Development, and Project Consulting.

    Software Solutions
Application Development

Custom tailored software solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Janyx provides high quality, scalable solutions that can meet your requirements and grow with your organization.

Database Development

Whether starting a new project or migrating data into a new system, Janyx provides data modeling and database development to most effectively implement the needs of your organization.

Project Consulting

Stuck thinking inside the box? Need another set of eyes in tackling a project? Janyx provides development and technology consulting to bring efficient, innovative, and unconventional ideas to the table.

We do what we love

Our passion for code is insurmountable. We delight in geeking out while developing and implementing new technologies as the perfect solution for our clients.

Sensible Technologies

Our unrestricted approach to solutions allows us to develop and implement the most intelligent technologies regardless of platform or environment.

Secure Data

The security and integrity of our client's data is paramount. We are heavily invested in ensuring that our client can maintain peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

Flexible Development

We know business requirements change. We approach solution development with the idea that requirements will change and we can rapidly implement those changes.

Business Oriented

Our forward-looking approach to developing solutions allows your solutions to easily grow with your organization.

Intelligent Design

Why Janyx?

Janyx's goal is to provide high quality, high performance, extensible, and scalable software solutions.

Janyx offers clients software development and consulting services, focused on developing high quality, high performance, extensible and scalable software solutions. This encompasses three main services, Application Development, Database Development and Project Consulting.

Right Chemistry

Software isn't always about coding and engineering. The right attitude and culture foster the drive to excel at providing solutions.

Right Tools

We don't focus on any one platform or environment. We focus on providing the best technologies suited to accomplish your goals.

Right Direction

Experience has provided us with the skill set for not only fulfilling requirements but to provide a solution that will guide our clients into the future.

Some Words

Software Engineer

Software development is no longer just about developing applications or software. In the Information Age, we have to be able provide holistic solutions to our clients so that they may precisely deliver to their customers.

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